Integrated orthopaedic care for bone, joint, muscle,
ligament, nerves,with advanced treatment for fractures,
arthritis and sport injuries


The Orthopedic department of NPHRI boasts of orthopedic surgeons of more than 25 years of clinical experience. The NPHRI is a pioneer in introducing many new surgical interventions in the delta region of undivided Thanjavur district. Treatment ranging from non-surgical management of minor disorders to complex minimally invasive procedures to correct major injuries and skeletal deformities are provided.

Arthroscopic surgery sports injury management, total joint replacements of hip, knee and elbow, Deformity correction of upper and lower limbs using ilizaro Treatment of injury to spine, back pain, and tuberculosis of spine ranging from conservation to operative surgery in indicated cases.

Bone tumor surgery from excision to endoprosthetic replacement, (Orthopedic Oncology) Orthopedic surgery on children (Paediatric Orthopedics) Knee pain, heel pain in a growing child.

Management of Cerebral Palsy Deformities at birth like club feet and after birth during growth like bowing of legs etc this department also cares for fractures ,bone and joint infections and bone tumors in children.

NPHRI is equipped with a fully equipped physiotherapy unit including LLLT. SWD, US Massage.

The team of NPHRI Ortho is famous for knowledge and skill.

NPHRI has sophisticated and exceptional operating rooms, complete with laminar air flow and other appliance like high frequency C arms. These facilities along with good recovery rooms guarantees absolute safety and the maximum patient care.

This department also offers minimally invasive surgeries apart from arthroscopy like MIS Spine surgery.

In a wear and tear of spine, there is gradual loss of water and hence elasticity of the cushion called disc. This protrude backward and press against nerves causing pain. Rest and pain killer. if pain is persisting after reasonable time of 3 to 6 months, then this bulging disc can be taken out by minimally invasive method, by this the nerve can be freed.

We also near offer 100% pain free post operative period after operations with epidural injections with pumps.

We have done more than 100 replacements including long stem arthroplasties to make elderly patients to walk.

We have been using electric stimulation method to induce new bone in fractures.. The publications from this department is more than 60 in SCOPUS journals.